Volpak S-280 D

Volpak S-280-F

  • Volpak S-280-F
  • Volpak S-280-F
  • Volpak S-280-F

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1 x Used Volpak S-280 D horizontal-, form-, fill-, and sealmachine. From the year 1997. The machine is equipped with the following options, made in a good running condition ready to run flat pouches in duplex.

  • Reel-edge aligner
  • Servo driven unwinder
  • Touchscreen
  • Omron PLC
  • Servo driven pulling rollers
  • 1 x pneumatic emboss coder
  • Photocell
  • Double arm driven bottomsealbar
  • 4 x vertical seal
  • Empty pouch detection
  • 2 x round hole puncher
  • Front load transfer arm
  • No pouch no fill
  • Empty pouch reject
Sizerange: Min. 70 x 120 mm Max. 140 x 350 mm Capacity: max 180 pouches/min
Brand Volpak
Product type All
Type Form, filling & seal machine
Direction Horizontal in-line
Bouwjaar 1997
Serialnumber S-280 D
Pouchstyle 4-side seal
Pouch min. width 70
Pouch min. height 120
Pouch max. width 140
Pouch max. height 350