2018 Crate dryer

2018 Crate dryer

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Temple Dry Systems has developed a machine in which the drying is based on centrifugal force in combination with a directed airflow. Testing shows that the machine provides significantly better drying, while the energy consumption is drastically reduced The crate dryer with spinner unit from Temple Dry Systems is unique in its kind. A patented technique uses a combination of centrifugal force and a directed air flow. Crates dry better in shorter times. Your energy consumption is falling. Test results show that a saving of up to 90% is possible. Crates are efficiently dried at high speed. The amount of residual moisture decreases drastically (from 6 to 2 grams). You work more hygienically because bacterial growth remains limited. This also applies to the post-drying time. Where crates used to dry for around 48 hours in the storage room, you will need 30 minutes of drying time after using the crate dryer.


ManufacturerTemple Dry Systems