When a machine arrives at the Varupack B.V. factory, it is first disassembled. All parts are then cleaned with ultrasonic technology and then sandblasted. Depending on the condition of the machine, it is completely sprayed. The bearings, bushings and shafts are checked for wear and play and if necessary they are replaced. The other parts are checked and where necessary adjusted or renewed. When all this has been done, the machine is reassembled. Of course, the cabling, electronic components and the compressed air and vacuum systems are also checked and replaced where necessary. Finally, the machine is adjusted to the wishes of the customer and is ready to be taken into production.

Spare parts

Varupack B.V. has an extensive range of new and used parts from various brands of machines including Volpak, Bossar and Laudenberg. If you need certain parts please feel free to contact us.


Each machine has its own manual, we are happy to train your operators to operate your new machine correctly. In addition, regular and occasional maintenance in a good way is vital for a well-functioning, reliable machine with a high uptime. We take care of the complete instruction for your maintenance team for your machine. Please contact us for more information.