Spin Dryers

Tempel Dry Systems has developed a machine in which drying is based on centrifugal force in combination with a directed airflow. Tests have shown that the machine provides significantly better drying, while drastically reducing energy consumption.

The towel dryer with spinner unit from Temple Dry Systems is unique in its kind. A patented technique uses a combination of centrifugal force and directional airflow.

Crates dry better in a shorter time. Your energy consumption decreases. Test results show that savings of up to 90% are possible.

Spinner unit operation

Crates are efficiently dried at high speed. The amount of residual moisture is drastically reduced (from 6 to 2 grams). You work in a more hygienic way because the growth of bacteria is limited. This also applies to the after-drying time. Where crates used to be stored for about 48 hours, 30 minutes of drying time is sufficient after using the crate dryer.

Your production increases

The use of the return crates in the transport of products has taken off enormously and with it the cleaning of the crates. It is now important to have the right equipment in house to meet this growing demand. With our kitchen towel dryer, your production will increase while your costs will be reduced.

The solution for a rising demand for crates

Our spinner unit is the solution for a rising demand for crates. The machine is compact and does not take up much space. Moreover, it is modular and easy to integrate into the production process in almost every line. Easy integration into your existing production process is no problem at all. Also opt for efficiency and cost savings and contact us now.